In the 12 months since Transport Topics produced its first special report on the advance of electric trucks in December 2018, the industry has seen more electric prototype models unveiled and more investments in electrification announced by manufactures and suppliers. As electric-powered trucks gain more momentum, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells are set to power a new segment of commercial transportation. This special report examines the ways to prepare, predict, and operate in an electric industry. 

The report answers questions like:

  • Where and when will we see electric trucks hit the road?
  • If you plan on adopting an electric truck, what is a cost-effective plan for vehicle charging? 
  • What initial challenges will electric trucks face?

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Available December 2019

Transport Topics Special Reports

We plan content for these trucking news publications that can live on and be useful well beyond their publication date. We envision them being a resource that brings together many important angles in one place: an educational tool in the moment, and a reference guide going forward. Sometimes, big issues present trucking and logistics executives with a lot to digest and keep up with. A special report can provide readers with a single resource from which to glean insight.

The Dawn of Electric Trucks is upon us... Are You Ready?