Why is the insurance industry taking a closer look at motor carriers' use of safety technology?  

This September, Transport Topics dives into how new technologies help motor carriers eliminate risk and influence insurers’ practices. The special report examines the ways to reduce risk, from telematics, to avoidance systems…

The report answers questions like:

  • What regulatory changes are on the horizon that could help insurers identify unsafe motor carriers?
  • What factors are trucking and insurance experts citing that could be the cause of rising costs?
  • How are fleets managing new risk with new safety technologies?

Get your hands on this TT special report to find out how new technologies are factoring into insurers' underwriting practices and what the future holds for the trucking industry and insurance costs. 

Available September 2019

Transport Topics Special Reports

We plan content for these trucking news publications that can live on and be useful well beyond their publication date. We envision them being a resource that brings together many important angles in one place: an educational tool in the moment, and a reference guide going forward. Sometimes, big issues present trucking and logistics executives with a lot to digest and keep up with. A special report can provide readers with a single resource from which to glean insight.

Here's a report that explains why insurance costs for many motor carriers have crept higher in recent years.  
(and why you should pay attention).