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Well, 88% of our readers are decision makers in their companies. How'd they get there?  We couldn't say.

But we can confirm that a good portion of their career is spent reading and engaging with our news -- in fact, the average reader spends nearly 9 years with us.  Career-savvy people only make that kind of investment when something is really worth it.  Successful freight transportation folks only make that kind of investment when they see measurable value (this is, afterall,  an industry based on of tight margins and close competition.) 

Why not put this premise to the test?  


And that's what we're offering: the chance for you to change the direction of one meeting.

You stand before them at the conference room door armed with sugar and information. All of a sudden, that 30-minute meeting that is now on its second hour, looks a little bit brighter. A new driver recruitment strategy? No problem! Transport Topics just reviewed the pay practices of 30 fleets.

And, boy, that chocolate is a real pick-me-up! 

If you already read Transport Topics, you already know how easy it makes following the developments of this industry. You might start your day by glancing the freshest headlines at and get your mid-day surge from your topic-guided newsletter. You probably find yourself constantly refering to the stories in our hallmark weekly edition -- because you know that we've taken the deep dive on every regulatory matter, logistics concern, technological development, and equipment issue out there. Our stories arm you for what's next. They help you see what really matters -- and seeing what really matters helps you make better decisions for your people and your business. At the very least, they help cut through the malaise of the 2:30pm meeting.  


No matter what our cake-supplier says, the real key to your office-space heroism is that Transport Topics insight. You need to have the facts. You need to win their minds.  Of course, the cake will win their hearts -- and provide the appropriate sugar rush for the idea making. So, before we get sweet, let's set the baseline.


The Information:

The Basic Plan: 52 weeks of Transport Topics (print), online access, exclusive newsletters and more. Rate: $109

All-Access Plan: 52 Weeks of Transport Topics on every platform (print and digital), online access, exclusive newsletters and more. Rate: $139

All-Access Team Plan: 4 52-week all access subscriptions. Rate: $360


The Cake:

Single Subscriptions: 1/2 dozen of the Capitol area's most famous cupcakes shipped to your office.

Team Players: Your choice of a 1 dozen of the Capitol area's most famous full-sized cupcakes OR 2 dozen mini-cupcakes shipped to you office.

Cost: Our Treat To You!

Why cake? Why now?

Well, two reasons actually. 

This year, Transport Topics celebrates its 80th year as the industry's most influential media brand.  And, we thought, what better way to celebrate this milestone than to share our favorite Washington-based cupcakes with the folks that keep us going -- our most influential readers?  So, we have struck a deal with that local baker to help us ship our cakes nationally to those folks who choose to help carry us into another strong year.

But there's more.  Across the last year, we set out to find out more about our readers, what they do, who they are, and how they use Transport Topics in their everydays.  We wanted to learn about our part in their stories.  Do we create value? How? They helped us see ourselves in a much more practical, useable way.  They helped us understand our utility. And they gave us an idea - maybe we could show folks how to be a little bit more inspirational and influential.  We thought that we might start with the office place...  and cake.

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